Medical Astrology

Great sages state that “Humans are unique creature of God’s creation”. It is a greatest achievement to live a life without mental illness, physical illness or physical disabilities. Even though there are lots of riches and wealth to be conquered by human, health is the wealth which brings joy and happiness. Without a healthy mind and body even the riches cannot utilize or enjoys his wealth wisely. Likewise, the mind and body competes with each other and weakens themselves. It is better to prevent disease before it affects our body through healthy habits, even though there are numerous methods to cure diseases and bring back the fitness.

All over the world, we can find a doctor for ear, eyes, literally every part of our body but none can bring absolute health back because medicine and treatments became business. Today’s medical industry is based on profit not health and welfare. Even the technological advancement in medical industry gives little to temporary health benefits only.

We use science to predict weather, flood and earthquakes. So we can prevent and take preventive measures to avoid critical situation. Likewise, our ancestors used astrology to predict illness and treatment according to the individual’s astronomical sign and placements. This brought appropriate cure for the mind, body and soul.

Shivan devotees are offered Vibuthi and Bael leaf as an offering in Shivan temples, which is a method of cure for various diseases. Likewise Neem and Turmeric is offered in Mariamman temples. Tulsi, cinnamon, camphor and cardamom are offered in vainava temples.

Our Sidhars used true knowledge to research on astronomy thousands of years before. As a result they found that heavenly bodies such as Sun, Moon and planets have influence over us. They discovered that there are nine planets, which includes Rahu and kethu. They found a systematic method to keep track of planetary positions and placement over the constellations. At birth of a child the planetary positions plays a vital role in determining one’s destination in this life. Every planet has a specific influence over a person based on its position during his/her birth. Over years astrology evolved through practice and gained accuracy. Our ancestors used precision calculations to determine our past, present and future accurately.

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